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Rectus Abdominis Muscle Deatil :

Rectus abdominis muscle : 

Rectus Abdominis Muscle

The rectus abdominis muscle, otherwise called the "abs", this is a matched muscle running vertically on each side of the foremost mass of the human stomach area. There are two parallel muscles, isolated by a midline band of connective tissue called the linea alba. It reaches out from the pubic symphysis, pubic peak and pubic tubercle poorly, to the xiphoid procedure and costal ligaments of ribs V to VII superiorly. The proximal connections are the pubic peak and the pubic symphysis. It appends distally at the costal ligaments of ribs 5-7 and the xiphoid procedure of the sternum.

The rectus abdominis muscle is contained in the rectus sheath, which comprises of the aponeuroses of the sidelong muscular strength. Groups of connective tissue called the tendinous crossing points navigate the rectus abdominus, which isolates this parallel muscle into unmistakable muscle guts. The external, most parallel line, characterizing the "abs" is the linea semilunaris. In the midriffs of individuals with low muscle to fat quotients, these tummies can be seen remotely and are usually alluded to as "four", "six", "eight", or even "ten packs", contingent upon what number of are unmistakable; albeit six is the most well-known.

Source/Insertion :

The rectus abdominis is a long level muscle, which reaches out along the entire length of the front of the stomach area, and is isolated from its kindred of the inverse side by the linea alba.

The upper bit, connected basically to the ligament of the fifth rib, more often than not has a few filaments of addition into the front limit of the rib itself.

It's normally around 10 mm thick or 20 mm thick in youthful competitors, for example, handball players

Nerve Supply :

The muscles are innervated by thoraco-stomach nerves, these are continuations of the T7-T11 intercostal nerves and puncture the foremost layer of the rectus sheath. Tactile supply is from the 7-12 thoracic nerves. 

8 Pack Of Rectus Abdominis Muscle


Activity :

The rectus abdominis is a critical postural muscle. It is in charge of flexing the lumbar spine, as while doing a supposed sit up Exercise. The rib confine is raised to where the pelvis is the point at which the pelvis is settled, or the pelvis can be brought towards the rib confine (back pelvic tilt) when the rib confine is settled, for example, in a leg-hip raise. The two can likewise be united at the same time when nor is settled in space.

Sit Up Exercise is Most Common Form Of Exercise Where Rectus Abdominal Musct is Chief Muscle Used In This Action.

Eight Pack Or Six Pack Exercise is most Common And Famous Among People.

Exercise Of Rectus Abdominals :

Sit Up Exercise : 

Sit Up Exercise
In Supine Position Flexes Both Legas , Hands Behind Head And Flexes The Spine And Heads Towards Knee And Repetation Of Same .

Two-sided Leg Elevation In Supine Postion Uses Lower Abdominals Muscle.

Rectus Abdominis is solid Back Flexor Muscle.

To Reduce Lordosis Strenthening Of Rectus Abdominis Muscle is Required.

strenthening of Rectus Abdominis And Other Back Flexor Muscle is Back Pain is Most Common And Is Called Williams Abdominal Exercise.

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