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Dinner Fork Deformity

Dinner  fork distortion is because of colle's break in which the crack of the distal span in lower arm with dorsal(posterior) and outspread displacmentof the wristand hand.

Supper fork likewise called "blade" deformation because of the state of the lower arm.


Wrist break.

Over extended hand (basic in kid)

Individuals who are experiencing osteoporosis

Awful mishap

Games man,skiers .skaters and bikers.

Calcium deficincy isn't the immediate reason however a contributing variable for the disfigurement.


The patient discovers trouble in moving his wrist.

The torment increments when wrist is flexed.

There is swelling of the wrist territory.

The territory is delicate to touch.

Wounding is basic because of extreme effect.

There is deadness close by. Fingers may wind up noticeably pale.

Quiet discovers trouble in grasping anything.


Dorsal tilt

Spiral shortening

Loss of ulnar inclination=

Spiral angulation of the wrist

Dorsal uprooting of the distal section

Splinting in Dinner Fork Deformity

Therapeutic treatment - upper appendage Elevation, Compression, Medication.

Surgical treatment - Mangement relies on seriousness of crack.

An undisplaced crack might be treated with a thrown alone

A break with gentle angulation and removal may require shut diminishment.

Noteworthy angulation and deformation may require an open decrease and interior obsession or outer obsession.

Dinner Fork Deformity And Exercise

After break in cast -

Check the mortar cast any misfortune or an excessive amount of tight

Sling shoud be check it will be with perect neck cushioning

Depend odema shoud be treat with height and back rub from fingertip to palm.

Dynamic Rang of movement practice in non-influenced side digit, thumb,elbow and bear joint to forestall solidness.

In influenced side just supination and pronation not permitted generally all other development empower.

In second week -

Recasting adviced if cast is too free or craked.

Proceed with ROM exercise to the shoulder, elbow,digit and thumb.

In the event that outer obsession given then-check for any contamination and dynamic supination and pronation alongside those say above.

After second week -

Wrist Mobilization - To lessened torment, oedema and distress - Hydrotherapy and Thermotherapy given.

Dynamic wrist preparation is started. Tolerant is made to sit on a seat and to keep his lower arm in mid inclined over a table. With the influenced lower arm settled by the other hand understanding is told too effectively flex and broaden the wrist with gravity disposed of.

Uninvolved wrist assembly: This is started after around 7-10 days of the above treatment. He understanding sits with the influenced hand laying on the edge of the table. Settling it with the typical hand the influenced arm is brought down underneath the table (palmer flexion) and raised over the table (dorsiflexion) occasionally.

Then again the Indian Salutation strategy for namaskar (for dorsiflexion) and turn around greeting (for palmer flexion) accomplishes similar outcomes

Pronation and Supination.

Activities through action like turning the keys, doorknobs, scooping beans and placing them in the case.

To enhance the grasp and composing ability ulnar deviation practices are energized.

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